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located along the Kootenai River…

Boundary County is a great place for business!

The Boundary Economic Development Council (BEDC) is a public development council that seeks to assist businesses in every aspect of development.

The BEDC board consists of local area leaders who are ready to assist a new or existing industry in identifying opportunities, anticipate problems, answer questions and find solutions for relocation and expansion efforts. The BEDC will work with any and all companies to ensure that they are providing with all of the available resources to move their business here.

The BEDC seeks to assist businesses in every aspect of development.

This includes the expansion of current businesses by assisting them in business plans and identifying financial resources. The Council works with a variety of financial institutions to ensure companies have the financing they need to grow. We also will assist businesses in finding a new location to do business in the County. Boundary County Economic Develop does work with other state agencies to ensure they have the key resources to expand within the County.


One of the greatest assets in Boundary County is in its people.

We are privileged to have a skilled workforce and who are community minded. You will find people who have resided in the area for generations and are loyal employees. We have a secondary education program that has a career technical program which allows employers to have an available work force to staff their company. Employee output is high as a direct result of loyalty and work ethic. Idaho also has a workforce development training fund that can help offset the costs of training new employees for your business, so you’ll have a team trained and ready to work once you arrive in the State.

Boundary County – The Jewel of the Gem State

Imagine a place where you can work and play in the same beautiful location. You never have to leave to “get away”. Your commute time is 10 minutes and traffic isn’t an issue. Your drive to and from the office consists of views of the mountains, river and local wildlife. Home prices are moderate. You can have it all in Boundary County.

Boundary County is 1,277 square miles, located in the panhandle of Idaho, bordered by Washington, Montana and British Columbia, Canada. The beautiful fertile, glacial valley with the meandering Kootenai River running through it is surrounded by the Selkirk, Purcell and Cabinet mountain ranges.

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