Our Life Lease Concept

Trinity Ravine has a number of market value, Life Lease suites, which become available from time to time. Resale prices are comparable to similarly sized condominiums in Toronto. Life Lease Suites range in size from 530 to 1394 square feet. Some of the premium suites include large outdoor terraces, perfect for enjoying evening views of the Ravine.

Our Life Lease form of tenure offers similar protection to freehold ownership, which means, that the purchase can be registered on title to the property in the same way a deed can be registered on a condominium or detached home. Under our Life Lease plan, residents purchase a suite at market value, similar to purchasing a home or condominium. When the resident or their estate wishes to sell their property, they receive market value, less associated selling fees.* As the local real estate market increases, so does the value of your property. Seniors are able to protect their investment by including this property in their estate, while earning equity with a return similar to an investment in any other real-estate.

To keep that lifestyle harmonious, the 55 years of age or older qualification applies. Residents under 55, but older than 18, can live in the suite with the qualified resident.

A creative option for providing homes, programs and support, plus an opportunity for investment today for tomorrow.